Edwin  Avaness  received  his  Master of  Arts  Degree from Northwestern University's Radio/TV/Film Programs in 1998 and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film & Digital Media  productions at  University  of  California,  Santa Cruz. He has been an active member of IFP since 1994. He joined the executive  board  of Arpa Foundation for Film, Music & Art in 1999 and directed  the  3rd Annual Arpa  International  Film  Festival in 2000.  Currently he serves  as a board member of Armin T. Wegner Society of USA.

After co-producing his first feature film,  My Dark Days (2001), Mr. Avaness directed and produced his second feature film The Journey (2003), which was awarded at the Milan International Film Festival  with  the Audience Award.  He was invited at  Bangkok  International  Film Festival  to   showcase  his   documentary  film,   Tabriz: Images from the Forgotten World, in 2007.


2015 Zoya

2014 Damn Foreigners

2013 Virginity

2006 Tabriz: Images from the Forgotten World

2003 The Journey

2002 Absinth

2001 My Dark Days

2000 Golden Rose

1999 Blister

1998 Breaking News

1997 Deceptive Dream

1996 Morning Execution

1995 Frenzied

Serj  Minassians is a graduate of Film School at California State University,  Northridge. In 1994 he co-founded Pétak, a social networking organization in Los Angeles. 

In 1997 he joined the executive board of Arpa Foundation for Film, Music  and  Art (AFFMA).  His second film, Stream of Social Intercourse (1989)  went on to win six major awards in various film festival around the country.

Mr. Minassians’ feature film The Journey (2003), which he co-produced, won the Audience Award at the Milan International Film  Festival.  Currently  he  serves at the board of the Land and Culture  Organization and Armin T. Wegner Society of USA.


2003 The Journey

2002 Absinthe

2000 Golden Rose

1995 Beyond Commitment

1991 Buford's Beach Bunnies

1988 Vamp

1988 Stream of Social Intercourse

1988 On My Own